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28 July 2011.  International Trade Alert
Department of Commerce proposes to revise the export administration regulations
The Department of Commerce has published a proposed rule transferring licensing jurisdiction over certain items from the Department of State to Commerce.
13 June 2011.  Securities Litigation Alert (US)
Supreme court addresses standards for class certification, liability in two decisions
The United States Supreme Court has issued two decisions addressing standards for class certification and liability in private securities fraud litigation.
21 April 2011.  FDA Alert
Are lasers the new corsets? FDA weighs in on lasers for "circumference reduction"
FDA has issued a final rule on the regulation of "Low Level Laser Systems for Aesthetic Use." The rule takes effect on May 16, 2011.
06 April 2011.  FDA Alert
Is counting calories the new cool? FDA proposes menu, vending machine labeling requirements
The US Food and Drug Administration has proposed two nutrition labeling rules to implement the menu and vending machine labeling provisions.
27 January 2011.  FDA Alert
Current good manufacturing practices in 2011 and beyond: are you ready for your close-up?
Have you done a mock GMP audit? Do you have quality agreements with all of your suppliers? Have you personally met your contract manufacturers?