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In Norway, all claims are brought in the civil courts. Claims may be brought in contract, tort and under a statutory strict liability regime covering consumers for personal injury and damage to personal property. The legal framework is very consumer protective. Agreements which limit responsibility are unlawful.

The Act on Product Liability applies to personal injury and damage to objects. Strict statutory liability attaches to the producer of a product and/or a distributor of the product in certain circumstances; it attaches to the first importer of a product into the country and the distributor of an imported product in certain circumstances.

Compensation is determined, measured and reduced in accordance with general principles of the law of damages.

The normal limitation period for most legal proceedings is three years from the date the injured person had (or should have had) the necessary information to bring a claim. A statute of limitations bars claims starting ten years after the date on which the producer put the product on the market.


Governmental agencies are, within their fields of responsibility, responsible for the supervision and administration of product quality. They have the power to withdraw products from market if they find that a product does not measure up to legally required quality; they can also impose fines. In certain circumstances, criminal proceedings can be initiated, primarily against the producer. If the producer cannot be identified, criminal proceedings can be brought against the seller or the importer. Possible penalties include fines and being deprived of the right to continue doing business.

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